Particularly if she could get them naked....

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September Author Auction
Hey, wiggiemomsi !

Dreamed that I was strolling through downtown and suddenly I was being chased by vampires, werewolves and aliens. I saw one of those blue police box thingies and ducked inside. Sherman and Peabody set the way back machine for 1999 (because it was a very good year for me), but it didn't go anywhere. There was a flash and a bang, but when I opened the door, I was right where I started. I do have to say that I look fabulous in these tights and the big 'S' on my chest really accentuates my assets.

Are you excited for the auction? I am!



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Mags ... what you been smokin', girl?

Oh, I am so STOKED and so READY for the auction!! Really, really looking forward to bidding on you again, and getting a smutty (OK, rated "M" for mature) crossover fic, with Doctor Who and Lorelai doing a VERY friendly tango (wink-wink), if you know what I mean!


FINALLY ON LJ! and I already have no clue how to work it!

Just wanted to say hi, because I can now! =P

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