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A new JAM fic community!
How cool is this? I totally ganked this post from allie83 :

Listen up all you Jim and Pam fanfic addicts out there. There’s a fab new LJ community and it’s called alovesosexy  so hurry up and join (that’s an order, mmkay?) The community will act as an archive as well as a writing circle. The purpose of being a writing circle is to have JAM fanfic writers and readers connect and help one another via written critique, i.e. feedback. While the main purpose of the community is to post JAM fanfiction, discussions regarding writing can also be held. Please keep in mind that we’re here to enjoy JAM fanfic and offer feedback.

The community strongly encourages everyone who takes the time to read someone’s story to leave them feedback. No one-liners that simply say, “That was great!” They want you to tell the writer why you thought it was great. And if the story wasn’t so great? Then it is most important that you tell the writer why it didn’t work for you and to offer some suggestions. No one can improve their writing capabilities unless they are given constructive criticism. And by constructive criticism, we mean absolutely no bashing of any kind. Keep it polite but honest. Think of how you would want someone to tell you what was wrong with your own story. The good thing is they won’t tolerate any reviews that contain bashing but neither will they tolerate mindless gushing either (which is fab for a new writer like myself, who WANTS to improve her writing skills.) So remember to be articulate and thorough when leaving feedback!

Go to alovesosexy  and join now!



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